Fallen Leaves Can Smother a Healthy Lawn

Luckily, we provide bagless leaf cleanup services in the Grand Prairie, TX area

Grass needs direct sunlight, so leaving the leaves on your lawn could stunt your lawn's growth. Grass Monkey Lawn Care can come out and collect your fallen leaves so you won't have to rake them yourself. Thanks to our convenient pickup methods, we're a go-to provider of bagless leaf cleanup services in the Grand Prairie, TX area.

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Get leaves removed from your lawn without lifting a finger

Our bagless leaf cleanup services are not only convenient, they're also eco-friendly. That's because:

  • We gather leaves in a pile using a leaf blower, if needed.
  • We collect leaves with a vacuum rather than stuffing them in bags.
  • If you've blown the leaves, we also do curbside leaf pickup
  • We send the debris to the city, which will turn the leaves into compost.
Please be aware that we charge by the hour. Reach out today to get a free estimate.

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